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The Billy Redmayne Trophy

Billy Redmayne was a soldier in the Parachute Regiment and completed three tours in Afghanistan. He was also a motorcycle road racer, winning the Newcomers Manx Grand Prix in 2014 and the Junior Manx Grand Prix a year later along with many other races. Tragically, Billy lost his life in an accident at Oliver's Mount in April 2016 and ever since then an award has been given in his honor.

At the end of the racing season, we award the Billy Redmayne Trophy to a team member who has shown the most team spirit, dedication and commitment throughout the past season.

The team is honoured to announce this year's winner, and thoroughly deserving of the recognition this award holds; Sgt Richard 'Spence' Spencer-Fleet, REME. Spence joined the team 10 years ago and has been a fundamental part of the development of the team. His dedication and hard work has been pivotal to shaping the team into what it is today, with riders racing in multiple championships and at the highest levels of British Motorsport.

Spence himself has seen multiple championship wins and more podiums that we can count through the decade he's been with the team. There’s not a rider on the team today who doesn't owe Spence a debt of gratitude for the infinite knowledge and wisdom he has passed on in the sport. His relentless work in the background with sponsors and the admin side of things has put the team in the best position it has ever been in.

Sadly, after serving a full military career, Spence is retiring from the team and from the military. The team can not express their gratuity enough for all he has done. The team has commissioned a one-off helmet capturing some of his best moments through the years, as a small token of our appreciation.

A very worthy winner of the Billy Redmayne Trophy, the team wishes Spence all the best for the future as he transitions to civilian life.


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